A long-term, successful cooperation is only worth it when it means saving time and money. This can be reached by choosing the partner that scales over the whole project from the preparation phase to upkeep and expansion. The infocount company assures you of such complexity of services. With us one contact is enough for you to know!

The project cycle:
Analysis:  The project analysis means to understand the contemporary state, clearance of the projects aims, market survey, identification of vulnerable places and threats and determining the amount of risk. Before the creation of the project it is necessary to thoroughly understand the customer’s needs. What the analysis really is, is to bend an ear and listen to Your needs. Our analysts must will exactly understand your current situation and the path you want to walk down, know your competitors as well as customers. Only thus can the instruments for coping with your situation best be devised.
Design:  During the thorough analysis we specified Your current situation together, and we also defined the goals that you want to reach. The objective of the design phase is to find the best solution for reaching the goals. Our specialists prepare several solutions for you and together we choose and specify the particular steps of the following development. By proper design we prevent the appearance of mistakes during the development and make your future work more effective.
Implementation:  Implementation is the process of creating the designed solution itself. In this stage the team of graphic artists, designers and programmers work on bringing the application to life. Thanks to fine management and well-elaborated background from the previous two stages the implementation is fast and flawless. Then the customer takes the finished product for acceptance testing and trial operation.
Management:  With finishing the implementation the project itself isn’t finished for us. On the contrary – the stage begins when the project must bring the expected results. With our long-term monitoring and support the application itself keeps getting better and through close contact and longer cooperation will better correspond to your developing needs. It is right here where the beneficial relationship comes to existence and meets the idea of client-care and benefits from the mutual cooperation.

September 29, 2003
Infocount Ltd. spreads its products. Since october 2003, analytic works on new application iDocument are going to start. This product will enable its users to manage their documents inside one company ...
September 23, 2004
Management of Mochovské mrazírny, Inc., representatives of the company that keep valuable archives, damaged by floods in 2002, in icebox, bought first version of stock system iStock. This new product ...
August 29, 2004
The client application for MS Outlook for the iNotary service has been finished by Infocout Ltd. this day. Plugin enables Outlook users to stamp incoming and outgoing mails by time stamps and also ver ...
August 27, 2004
The iNotary system is in advanced phase of certification process to EAL4 class by ČSN ISO/IEC 15408 standard. The estimated date of certification is the end of year 2004. Currently, the selection of a ...
August 1, 2004
The last novel of the Electronical Signature Law (no. 440/2004 Sb.) is in action since July 26, 2004. This law introduces for the first time the concept of "qualified time stamp" that proves the exist ...

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